Wight Vodka

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50° North Ltd

FlagsFor over 40 years, the crew of 50° North has enjoyed the ocean and island life with extraordinary visits to the world’s greatest coastlines and harbours.

Together with friends, we have traveled to the globe’s famous and lesser-known (but to a privileged few) ports, seeking that ‘one particular harbour.’

From Hamble, St. Tropez and Capri, to Cape Town, Abu Dhabi and Bombay; Perth, Hong Kong and Tokyo, to Marina del Rey, Virgin Gorda and Block Island…

With our spirit and enthusiasm for the ocean; with the centuries-old regatta traditions of the Isle of Wight; and of course our full appreciation of vodka martinis, the vision of Wight Vodka surfaced.

Now fully launched in the United Kingdom’s greatest yachting venues, the time and energy put into Wight Vodka has been validated by the many embracing words of vodka connoisseurs.

And our favourite reaction?

“This is fabulous.”

Wight Vodka is created, blended and bottled in London’s smallest distillery.

In fact, Wight Vodka is the only 42% abv potato-based vodka hand crafted in the United Kingdom today. The distillery is owned and operated by the seventh generation in a family lineage of connoisseurs dating back to 1684.

Together, the master distillers work hand-in-hand with the 50° North team to perfect Wight Vodka. Wight Vodka’s purity and smoothness are attributed to the time-intensive and careful ‘7-times’ distillation process that we undertake.

Integrity and the ‘spirit of the ocean’ are always at the forefront of our minds.  Hence, regatta winners are indeed ’Celebrating their Wins’ with Wight Vodka!

50° North

BACKGROUND PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Jones / Waterline Media