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9 September 2011

Cinzano Powers Ahead to Win the Wight Vodka Cup

Cowes, England

From a martini lover’s viewpoint, it’s fitting that Cinzano won this year’s Wight Vodka Cup!

Markus Hendricks of Germany won this year’s Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race in style, covering the 190 mile course at an average speed of 65.26mph. Driving the 38ft Cinzano that Don Shead designed for Italian Renato Del Valle in 1974, the veteran craft showed a clean stern to a much younger fleet to repeat the success it had at the British Powerboat Festival on two occasions over 30 years ago.

Hendricks set a steady pace following the start and lay well down the fleet when Fury, overall leader, passed Anvil Point at the 20 mile mark. Fury, the 39ft (12.6m) American Phantom driven by Vahid Ganjavian was slowly moving further ahead of Martin Lai representing China in the PanteraPowerboat Asia. However she was to suffer mechanical problems a few miles further up the course before stuffing the bow as it tried to regain planning speed.

By Torquay, marking the halfway stage, Cinzano had crept up and was now dicing with Powerboat Asia to become a contest of its own. They raced back to the Solent several miles ahead of the remaining fleet. The leading pair lay less than ten seconds apart as they shot passed Hurst Castle six miles from the finish before Cinzano and a jubilant Markus Hendricks took the finishing flag a few minutes later.

John Moore, the organiser behind the British Powerboat Festival, said “We had a great series of races this weekend.  The support of Wight Vodka was fabulous, and the crew of Cinzano were definitely appreciative of the customised hats, champagne bucket trophy and of course the bottles of Wight to commemorate their win.  Many thanks to Ritu and Wight Vodka!”

Ritu Manocha, the entrepreneur behind the Wight Vodka brand, said “It’s so great to be part of the British Powerboat Festival.  With Cinzano winning the cup in 2011, our mixologists are thinking ahead to next year’s cocktail reception and marrying the Cinzano extra dry vermouth with Wight Vodka to create the Wight Cinzano martini.  It’s a perfect match!”

About the British Powerboat Festival

The British Powerboat Racing Club was formed in 2001 following the gala dinner held at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes celebrating the 40th running of the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes offshore powerboat race.  Membership of the British Powerboat Racing Club is open to anyone interested in powerboat competition, offshore racing in particular.  For more information on the British Powerboat Racing Club, please visit www.cowes2011.co.uk.

 About 50° North

50° North are the creators of Wight Vodka.  The company’s spirit and enthusiasm for the ocean, coupled with the centuries-old regatta traditions of the Isle of Wight (and of course a full appreciation of superior vodka!) culminated in the creation of the world’s smoothest, 42% ABV potato-based vodka.  One sip of Wight Vodka will make a believer out of the most discerning connoisseur, and the company welcomes your joining a unique and elite class.  www.wightvodka.com.  Tack & Gybe Responsibly.

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BACKGROUND PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Jones / Waterline Media