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1 June 2007

In the Press with Island Life

Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

There’s a buzz around our Island about a newly launched, super-premium spirit that is taking the yachting-set by storm.

Wight Vodka appeared in some of our top bars and restaurants last autumn, appropriately under the auspices of a group that absolutely loves island life and being around the ocean. The market that Wight Vodka is serving is targeted at those who love the great things that life has to offer: friends, regattas, sunsets and cocktails.

Thinking of our island, it has a deep history of maritime successes: From the origins of the America’s Cup, to the time-honoured traditions of Cowes Week. When I had my first look at the Wight Vodka bottle and website, it embedded an image of the competitive spirit and enjoyable social scene that brings the yachting fraternity to our harbours year after year. In fact, Wight Vodka can indeed help to promote our Island’s image of a beautiful, yachting playground to be both enjoyed and respected.

50° North is the company behind the product. When I caught up to them quayside, they said “Our passion for the ocean, the Island and of course, vodka martinis, combined together one evening on the island into the start of Wight Vodka. For the past few years, we researched and sourced the best potato spirit from Poland, uncovered one of London’s smallest and oldest family-run distilleries, and created a brand image to allure the high-end yachting crowd. As the product is seven times distilled and has a slight hint of honeysuckle and beach plum, if you’re a lover of both islands and vodka, Wight Vodka will provide total pleasure. Enjoy!”

At this point, Wight Vodka has been taken on by the cooler bars and restaurants here, including Salty’s, the Pierview, the Waterside, Liberty’s and the Hambrough. Additionally, 50° North are working closely with Joe’s to promote the monthly art evenings, hosted by Matt Carey and his team in Newport.

The product is now being distributed by two of our fine local island companies, Eurovines and Medina Wines.

One gets the sense that Wight Vodka will quickly make its way around to the world’s greatest harbours, from St. Tropez to Virgin Gorda. Let’s revel in the fact that Wight Vodka’s origins are here on our beautiful island, and that the product’s allure will help promote our fabulous yachting heritage.

About 50° North

50° North are the creators of Wight Vodka. The company’s spirit and enthusiasm for the ocean, coupled with the centuries-old regatta traditions of the Isle of Wight, and of course a full appreciation of superior vodka, culminated in the creation of the world’s smoothest, 42% ABV potato-based vodka. One sip of Wight Vodka will make a believer out of the most discerning connoisseurs, and the company welcomes your joining a unique and elite class. Tack & Gybe Responsibly.

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