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3 July 2011

Patriot Games Wins Wight Vodka’s 2011 Impala National Championships


Hamble, England

After a light-winded first day, the sea breeze filled in at midday on Sunday, and the steady 12 knot southwesterlies gave perfect summer sailing conditions for the 2011 Impala National Championships. 

Ben Meakins, who helped organize the National Championships, and himself an Impala owner, was pleased with the turnout and the tight racing conditions. “Sunday was  a great day of competitive racing.  The atmosphere both on the water and at the Royal Southern Yacht Club afterwards was fantastic.  It was great to have the support of Wight Vodka for the Championships, and the first place winners will enjoy the bottle of WV for certain!”

The tight racing conditions saw a light wind race on Saturday, won by Celerity, with Patriot Games second and Zulu third, before the wind died completely and further races were abandoned. On Sunday, Patriot Games won the first race, with Celerity second, Polly third, Happy just a split second behind and Zulu not far behind her.  The second race saw Patriot Games, Happy, Zulu and Polly switching positions throughout the race and finishing within seconds of each other, with Celerity, Uproar and Vlad not far behind.  At the end of the day, Patriot Games took the overall prize, with Celerity second and Polly third overall.  Congratulations go to Paul Blowers and his crew onboard Patriot Games!

“The initial design for the Impala evolved as a direct result of the formation of the Offshore One Design Council in 1977, which was set up by a group of leading yachtsmen to encourage One Design racing. There were thirty designs submitted, of which three were given the support of the council, with the Impala being a favourite. The first National Championship was held in Cowes in 1979 and was won by David Thomas, the designer.” Ben explains. “The event has been held every year since and it’s great to have the enthusiasm for the class continuing to grow.”

Ritu Manocha, owner of Wight Vodka, said ”It’s great to work with such a passionate group of owners and racers.  The Hunter Impala has a solid history of competitive IRC racing, and with their determination, the class will continue to succeed and grow.”

About the Hunter Impala Offshore One Design

The Hunter Impala was approved by the Offshore One Design Council in 1977, with David Thomas being the principal designer.  The class has a solid following and participates in most of the prestigious races around the United Kingdom.  To find out more about the Impala, please visit their website on www.impala28.co.uk.

About 50° North

50° North are the creators of Wight Vodka.  The company’s spirit and enthusiasm for the ocean, coupled with the centuries-old regatta traditions of the Isle of Wight (and of course a full appreciation of superior vodka!) culminated in the creation of the world’s smoothest, 42% ABV potato-based vodka.  One sip of Wight Vodka will make a believer out of the most discerning connoisseur, and the company welcomes your joining a unique and elite class.  www.wightvodka.com.  Tack & Gybe Responsibly.

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BACKGROUND PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Jones / Waterline Media