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22 November 2011

Wight Vodka’s 2011 Favourite Yachting Bar Competition is Open for Entry

Wight Vodka’s Best Yachting Bar competition is open for your submissions, and we’re expecting another heated race!

6 January 2011

The Soggy Dollar Wins Wight Vodka’s Favourite Bar Contest

For the second year running, the crew at Wight Vodka partnered with Scuttlebutt Europe to run one of the most important contests the world over (in our humble opinion of course).

23 November 2010

Wight Vodka’s Favourite Yachting Bar Competition is Open for Entry!

It’s fair to say that last year’s inaugural event got off to a roaring start, with thousands upon thousands of votes cast from around the world’s oceans. In the end, the Peter Cafe Sport in the Azores won hands down and received a trophy and prized bottle of Wight Vodka to celebrate their win.

50° North

BACKGROUND PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Jones / Waterline Media