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12 December 2008

The Debut of the Winter Wight

Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

The Winter Wight was introduced at this year’s Island Life Food & Drink Awards party and the feedback was nothing short of fabulous. Martin Potter, owner and publisher of Island Life magazine, commented “With over 300 people from the Island’s best hotels, restaurants and bars present, we wanted a very special opening reception cocktail. The crew at 50 North developed the Winter Wight, which everyone absolutely loved.”

So what’s in the Winter Wight? Ritu Manocha, Director at 50 North, revealed “Having such success in the summer season with the Wight Cup, demand was brimming for a cold weather cocktail. During a particularly wet and windy November day, the team began experimenting and created the Winter Wight, which is best served warmed and shared with close friends.”

The Winter Wight

One shot Wight Vodka
Four shots cloudy apple juice
Splash of Triple Sec or Cointreau
Dash of cinnamon
Warm the Winter Wight over a low flame
Serve either in a large wine glass or mug on a cold day!

Manocha continued “Coming in from the cold and experiencing the scent of the Winter Wight just makes you want to try it. It’s the perfect cocktail to enjoy with friends around a fire!”

About Island Life

Island Life Magazine highlights the finer things of the Isle of Wight, championing local, independent businesses and attractions, and reflecting the culture and way of life that makes Hampshire one of the most-visited regions of the country. We believe that the Isle of Wight offers the best of the ‘South Country’ and that we should showcase all that is good and positive about living here.

About 50° North

50° North are the creators of Wight Vodka. The company’s spirit and enthusiasm for the ocean, coupled with the centuries-old regatta traditions of the Isle of Wight, and of course a full appreciation of superior vodka, culminated in the creation of the world’s smoothest, 42% ABV potato-based vodka. One sip of Wight Vodka will make a believer out of the most discerning connoisseur and the company welcomes your joining a unique and elite class. Tack & Gybe Responsibly.

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