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11 November 2007

Wight Vodka’s Snowden Launches Island Life’s Food & Drink Awards

Westover Park, Isle of Wight, Great Britain

Wight Vodka was proud to support the Isle of Wight’s first Food & Drink Awards held on Sunday night, and to help kick the party off, introduced the Snowden champagne cocktail.

“What a fabulous night!” remarked Martin Potter, owner of Island Life Magazine, regarding the atmosphere of the black tie affair. “Everything from the opening Wight Vodka cocktail party to the success of the Food & Drink Award presentations was well received by our 300 guests. This evening demonstrates just how vibrant the Island has become, and highlights the enthusiastic interest of locally produced, high-quality products served in the Island’s top restaurants.”

Island Life, together with their sponsors, has introduced the Food & Drink Awards to highlight the best of the Island. Potter continued, “Our objective for the awards is for them to form an important part of the Island’s annual food and drink calendar. In this first year, the aim of the awards is to highlight the finest in food and drink produced on the Island and those retailers and chefs who are dedicated to providing regional produce and excellence in hospitality for their customers. We have succeeded in raising the awareness of our finest, and the support of Wight Vodka was greatly appreciated.”

Ritu Manocha, Director at 50º North, the creators of Wight Vodka, said “We knew from the start that this event would be great. The enthusiasm that Martin and his team brought to the awards was contagious. By supporting the opening cocktail reception, we wanted to develop a new drink that people would really enjoy, hence the Snowden was born.”

“What is a Snowden, you ask?” Manocha continues, “First of all, it is one of the more prominent bouys just outside of Cowes Harbour that guides yachters into port and starts many regattas. With this as the admirable name, we experimented with several ingredients until a combination of Wight Vodka, cranberry and pomegranate juice, Chambord and Champagne came together one late night. It’s a great winter drink and is superb served either chilled or slightly warmed.”

About Island Life Magazine

Island Life Magazine highlights the finer things of the Isle of Wight, championing local, independent businesses and attractions, and reflecting the culture and way of life that makes Hampshire one of the most-visited regions of the country. We believe that the Isle of Wight offers the best of the ‘South Country’ and that we should showcase all that is good and positive about living here.

About 50° North

50° North are the creators of Wight Vodka. The company’s spirit and enthusiasm for the ocean, coupled with the centuries-old regatta traditions of the Isle of Wight, and of course a full appreciation of superior vodka, culminated in the creation of the world’s smoothest, 42% ABV potato-based vodka. One sip of Wight Vodka will make a believer out of the most discerning connoisseurs, and the company welcomes your joining a unique and elite class. Tack & Gybe Responsibly.

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